Poems by ALL CAPS author and founder Marian Kent are featured in this wonderful anthology of poems about the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts:

Compass Roads
edited by the incomparable Jane Yolen
and published by Straw Dog Writers Guild

Here is one of Marian's featured poems:


Early autumn
in a perfect wash
of Polaroid-light
over the Oxbow,
warm and developed


Congratulations to Yve Chairez! Her fantastic new novel is born!
A rapist and a virgin walk into a bar...and fall wildly in love. As their mutual fixation intensifies and conflicts with traumas from their pasts, Claire Mireles and Michael Felipe are pushed and pulled from one another and forced to grapple with their macabre sexualities, leaving lasting effects on others along the way, and leaving Claire and Michael wondering if they will always be this way. Cabeza boldly scrutinizes how families and societies confront sexual abuse and handle its invasive, consuming effects; or, more precisely, how they don't. In her debut novel, Yve Chairez reimagines the "cycle of abuse" as a tangled trajectory hitting not only the intended victims, but everyone who crosses their paths for generations to come.

Click here to pick up your copy:  Buy Cabeza on Amazon

Yve Chairez is the author of Criteria for Normalcy (ALL CAPS PUBLISHING 2012), a collection of short stories and poems that flirt with the boundaries of the absurd, whimsical, and sociopolitical. Find it here: Criteria for Normalcy


ALL CAPS PUBLISHING announces the publication of What I Remember Most is Everything, a first and most wonderful book of poems from western Massachusetts poet Sharon Tracey.

"Color melds with words as synesthesia and paintings come alive in What I Remember Most is Everything. We ride across a decade with a young woman, traveling west to the streets of San Francisco and to places more far-flung. Along the way, we meet saints and painters, migrants and monarchs. We witness a car crash and read stories about artists collaged from the titles of their works. With a painter’s brush and a curator’s eye, Sharon Tracey offers up a fine debut collection of poems that explores the prismatic place where color and memory meet."

This is such an intriguing and beautiful volume of poems. We are honored and thrilled to introduce Sharon Tracey's work and imagination to ALL CAPS readers. Congratulations, Sharon! 

 Click here to pick up your copy:  What I Remember Most Is Everything on Amazon

Color as memory,
a sinuous spurt
squeezed from the tube
and brushed between steps
the lull between breath 

--from "Speak, Color" by Sharon Tracey
Learn more about Sharon on the ALL CAPS author page and visit her website.


ALL CAPS PUBLISHING’s favorite desert rat Tim Schaefer has published his first novel! Now available from Virgin River Press, Turn Back Tomorrow is a deliciously indelicate gambol through space and time. A really fun read for sure! Check it out:



News: Tim Schaefer's Last Tango In Timbuktu is a finalist in the Arizona Authors' Association 2016 International Literary Awards

Established in 1980, the Arizona Authors' Association awards program honors both unpublished and published literary excellence and has launched the career of many authors. Awards will be announced in early November, and we will keep you posted!

Congratulations to our Desert Rat! We'd like to say that you launched your illustrious career right here at ALL CAPS. Go, man, go!


Been quiet around here. A little *too* quiet, even. Te tell the honest truth.

Challenge accepted. Ahem! Watch this space and get ready for some noise!


ALL CAPS PUBLISHING introduces Heart Container, Marian Kent's anticipated third poetry collection. Earnest poems by Marian, and truly gorgeous cover design by the one and only Max Germer. Fantastic!

Purveyor of pretty words and superheroic verse Marian Kent reveals love's hiding places in her new collection of poems, Heart Container. Where do you stash precious moments for safekeeping, or hide dark truths? Fantastic yet real, stark yet celebratory, this volume from ALL CAPS PUBLISHING proves that Marian's words cannot be contained.

Get your copy here: HEART CONTAINER

And visit runawaysentence.com for more of Marian's poems and missives.


Please join us in celebrating the publication of a new collection of stories and poems by Tim Schaefer, author of Darwin's Moon. Get ready and strap in for Last Tango in Timbuktu!

In Last Tango In Timbuktu, Tim Schaefer has assembled a collection of short fiction and poems inhabited by people living on the edge. A college student, entranced by a mysterious woman, must decide whether to leave the outcome of their chance encounter to fate, or trust his own instincts and pursue her. A young drifter brings darkened memories to the fore for a jaded writer en route to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Two small-time hoods on the run have a briefcase full of stolen loot, and an angry drug lord's henchmen in pursuit. But nothing is ever quite the way it seems on the surface, and sometimes we meet our undoing by climbing right into bed with it. In Tim Schaefer's world, something always hangs in the balance, with the scales right on the verge of tipping. And that's a good spot to climb aboard and hang on for the ride.

Get your copy here: Last Tango in Timbuktu

Funny, deep, and real.
Like being sweaty
in a clean madras shirt.

Read more of Tim's scintillating fiction, poetry, and commentary (you'll be glad you did, trust me) here: CATNIP


ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased to announce the publication of A City of Trees: poems of tribute 1 by New England writer Mignon Ariel King.

If you've never visited the Emerald Necklace of Boston via the T (the oldest subway system in the US of A), come along for a ride with a formally educated yet free-spirited Boston-born poet as she sizes up the highs and lows of her first 45 years in Massachusetts' cities, parks, riversides, and schools. Oh, and there might be some sex, wine, and Rock 'n' Roll along the way.

Get your copy now: A City of Trees 

For those of you following along at home, A City of Trees is the prequel to the Bukowski-inspired What Good's a View of the Charles...? published right here back in 2013, part of Mignon's autobiographical pentology. 

ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is thrilled to present Mignon's work. Read, enjoy, love!


Looky, looky! ALL CAPS authors Yve Chairez and Mignon Ariel King have both started fresh new literary magazines. Check these out!

  * * * * * * * *

Hellbent--brainchild of Founder/Creative Director Yve Chairez and Chief Operating Officer/Managing Editor Alyssa Ammirato--showcases bold, innovative work from diverse voices: literature and art that makes you question what you think you already know, and emphasizes stories about people, places, and things you may know nothing about. 

You can read it here: Hellbent issue number one (fall 2015) 

Plus! Yve just had a baby. Congratulations, Yve! So productive!

 * * * * * * * *

Boston literary maven Mignon Ariel King has launched a new magazine from Tell-Tale Chapbooks: Tell-Tale Inklings, a literary journal obsessed with poetry and flash fiction. Tell-Tale Inklings is a print journal with an emphasis on character-study narratives--flash fiction, poetry, and visual artwork that tells a story.

Get your copy on Amazon: Tell-Tale Inklings #1



ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased to announce the publication of On Hunter's Wash: A Fractured Memoir by Phoenix, Arizona writer and agitator Corey Rowley.

"Creation minds the fort like a seasoned bitch.” Lines like this are the backbone of On Hunter’s Wash, a collection of poetry, prose and experimental fiction from Corey Rowley. Rowley's writing magnifies introspective thinking while holding self up to society's sometimes brutal, and other times beautiful, mirror. This volume is awash in the sort of internal dialogue that is immediately identifiable, but at times not so comfortable.

If you recognize yourself in the pages of On Hunter's Wash, just know that you are not alone. We have all been there. Thank you, Corey, for reminding us.

Obviously, readers, you need this book. Get your copy of On Hunter’s Wash via Amazon: 


Hey, poetry lovers! We got good stuff coming SOON... On Hunter's Wash by Corey Rowley is ALMOST HERE! Meanwhile, enjoy this little, ahem, snippet from yours truly:


Hey now, taking aim! POETRY!

And coming up: Florence Poets wreak havoc at The Invisible Fountain on April 18!


Hey, we gots good stuff coming soon from your friends at ALL CAPS--new poetry from Corey Rowley and Mignon Ariel King, just for starters. Watch this space for more new poetry, more new fiction. NEW STUFF, PEOPLE. 

In the meantime, if you are in New England and are not snowed in, join us for live poetry next week at the Thirsty Mind in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Fun!




Stuff is brewing here in the offices of ALL CAPS PUBLISHING. Just you wait! You know what they say to do when life give you lemons, right? Well, we’ve been drinking some tall glasses of lemonade and are stirring up some more to share with you. Meanwhile, some news:

E.W. Storch has been offering up his short fiction  over on WattPad, and starting today, stories from his collection, Impenetrable Falsehoods, will be featured on WattPad’s front page! We are so excited for Eric and anticipate the dozens, no HUNDREDS of thousands of readers who are about to be introduced to his storytelling.

Mignon Ariel King has been cranking out new work left and right (watch this space for new news soon, ahem!) and meanwhile, made this super-cool appearance on Willie’s Web,  hosted by WIllie WIdeman-Pleasants on Boston Neighborhood Network. Mignon reads poems and discusses the Midnight Special and other inspirations starting at about 2:00.

Your fearless leader had a great reading last night at Amherst Books with Gerry Yelle, friend and co-conspirator in Florence Poets Society:

And look who showed up! That’s an ALL CAPS editorial board meeting right there, over coffee and waffle fries after the reading.

E.W. Storch and Marian Kent

Stick around, folks... more good stuff coming. *sips lemonade, even though baby, it’s cold outside*


E.W. Storch will be reading from this book Impenetrable Falsehoods this week, at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire. Looky here for behind-the-scenes insight into his story, "The Charles River Baptism." Cool!
Swappin' Stories


Well, hello there! Nice of you to stop by. Hey, we know what you're thinking. You're all, hey, it's been quiet around these parts, I wonder what's up with the ALL CAPS folks?

Please don't be alarmed. We are working on some very exciting (to us, boring to you) organizing and reorganizing. And we're tinkering away on a couple new titles that should be coming very soon. So watch this space.

I mean, you know, within reason. But keep checking back, because we promise news and wonderful new things to read. There will be Big and Joyous Announcements soon. Until then, dear Readers, be well!


Holiday Cheer from ALL CAPS to You!

(Just a reminder to check out the ALL CAPS YouTube Channel.)


(Everyone, take a moment to brew your favorite cuppa and settle in for this exciting news. We'll wait.)

(Ready? Great!) ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased to announce publication of a very special collection of poetry--Coffee With Leonard Cohen by our favorite entomologist-poet, Joy S Grape.

CLICK HERE to get your copy now!
Joy S Grape is interested in lots of things. She looks under rocks for a living. Her favorite literary romance is Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. 

Trust us, Coffee With Leonard Cohen is a very interesting collection of poems and conceits, and it's illustrated, even! Joy's work is fresh, smart, unique--you must read it for yourself.
I know what you are.
I know that you know that
Your knowledge is made of less stuff than my stockings.
Yet you escort it as proudly
As if it had invited you to some Sadie Hawkins dance of facts.
I want to watch you taken by ideas,
Ravaged in bed by a book you thought would kiss your cheek.


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Marian Kent's new poetry collection!
Pow! Pretty-words purveyor Marian Kent is back with a second collection of super-heroic verse, SUPERPOWERS or: More Poems About Flying. This bold volume showcases Marian's earthy yet extraordinary way of painting a landscape with her words. Other-worldly, sensual, whimsical, tragic, the poems of SUPERPOWERS soar with vision, strength, and hope.

CLICK HERE to get your copy now!

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and out-rhyme even the above-average thrower of verse, Marian hopes you'll join her in her high-flying adventures.
If you'll stay here with me
in darkness and in light
irrespective of sky,
I will swear on my knees
inimitable love,
impossibly true, and
isn't that why you fly?
Why yes, Marian. Yes, that IS why we fly! Thanks for pointing that out. 

Pick up your copy of SUPERPOWERS right now. You might even fly yourself!


ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased and proud to announce the publication of What Good's a View of the Charles...? from the autobiographical trilogy of New England poet Mignon Ariel King.

"Travel along the Charles River by "T" or by foot with a Beantown-born woman writer, a bookworm and hard Rock fan who has common sense but loves a good time. What happens when a traditionally-raised New England scholar lets her nonconformist self-loving Black woman night owl spirit be inspired by the gruff-voiced poetry of Charles Bukowski? Pick up volume two of her autobiographical poetry trilogy to find out. But don't let your teenage daughter read it--unless you're trying to raise a troublemaker!"

Click here to purchase your copy of What Good’s a View of the Charles...?
oh, man, if hemingway were here
there wouldn’t be
enough booze for everybody, but we
wouldn’t mind sharing.
(from “the lot of us”)
Mignon Ariel King was born in Boston's City Hospital in 1964. An alumna of Simmons College (for women), Mignon edits two online journals, MoJo! and U.M.Ph.! Prose, and is the publisher of Hidden Charm Press. She has been reading at open mics since 1998 (where she also sang a lot of rock tunes), and has published poetry, memoir, and fiction chapters in various journals. 

I happen to know that Mignon still sings a line or two, so keep your fingers crossed for an ALL CAPS reading coming soon… we want to hear her read AND sing.              
...girls like me were not
permitted to listen
to long-haired,
freaky whiteboy rockers:
half my life’s in books’ written pages.
live and learn from fools and from sages.
(from “gone girl”)
But we know it’s true. Wicked true. Congratulations to Mignon--and you want to read this book!


Craving some stellar storytelling? Wait no longer! ALL CAPS PUBLISHING proudly announces the publication of Impenetrable Falsehoods, a "small book of small fiction" by all-star liar and storyteller E.W. Storch.

"In Impenetrable Falsehoods, E.W. Storch explores the human condition in an enjoyable, conversational style. The short fiction in this collection spans a wide range of topics viewed through an emotional microscope. From old love gone good and new love gone bad, the myriad experiences of war, growing old and facing one's mortality, dementia and depression, and what it means to be a writer, E.W.'s view of both the magical and mundane will transport you to worlds at once familiar and strange."

My stone is small and fixed--
It runs the scope of language.
A channel of faded letters,
Through which my imagination comes alive.

Click here to purchase your copy of Impenetrable Falsehoods.

We agree with early reviews, which focus on E.W.'s ability to describe a place and create a feeling: "[Reading Impenetrable Falsehoods,] I found myself noticing prose for the first time in a long time. The descriptions here are wonderfully effective, creating an atmosphere I could see, hear, smell... The writing is superb, each character so real and alive that the 'windows' we're given to each life stayed with me, lingering long after I turned the page."


Looky! Looky here! ALL CAPS has gone viral & stuff! Introducing...
Brave souls, er... brilliant authors have launched our channel; please subscribe to keep track as we'll post new videos as often as we can! Uh huh! BRILLIANT!


Is this mic on? Testing? Testing? 1-2-3! AHEM. We have an announcement! Are you ready?

ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased to announce the publication of Darwin's Moon--A Memoir of Pain and Glory in Poetry and Prose by self-proclaimed Tuscon desert rat Tim Schaefer. I know we are biased and stuff, but we LOVE this collection and are certain that you will, too. Here's the description:

"Brought up in a dysfunctional family, a boy shunned by his peers makes do with dreams and the late night Wolfman Jack radio show--developing an appreciation for rhythm and blues, and the kind of showmanship it would take to achieve his aspirations. Then, one by one, those dreams begin to come true. Darwin's Moon--A Memoir of Pain and Glory in Poetry and Prose--is a wistful and witty reflection for mature readers on the life and times of a rock n roll radio deejay. In turns heartbreaking and comically bizarre, "Moon" is a true story for everyone who has faced adversity at some time in their lives. A journey of self-discovery for anyone who has ever dared to dream."

Click here to purchase your own copy of Darwin's Moon.

Here's what Tim has to say about the publication of his first book:
Cheaper than
a twelve-pack
a bottle of wine
both of which
you'll have nothing
to show for
'cept maybe a hangover
but poetry
once you have it
in your hands
is forever!
(To which we respond with a round of applause. Ain't that the truth!) Congratulations to Tim--many of you know him as Timoteo--on the publication of this most wonderful volume. You can learn more about Tim on our author page, and please follow his blog: CATNIP

And just because we love it so very much, here is the cover image from Darwin's Moon, an original painting of the same name by Tim Schaefer himself. Enjoy! And buy the book!


We are squealing with delight over here, and have been practically jumping out of our chairs in anticipation of the release of No Direction But Home, a first chapbook by beloved Seattle poet Sarah Whiteley. And now... we are pleased to announce its publication today!

"A gentle foray into beauty and stillness, No Direction But Home is an exploration of the threads that tie travel, nature, and themes of home to the heart. In this first chapbook, Sarah Whiteley skillfully weaves words into snapshots of time and place, creating a reading experience that is both immediately relatable and intimate."

Click here to purchase your own copy of No Direction But Home.

Many congratulations to Sarah, a poet whose word-images--in addition to her visual art, featured on the book cover and at her photography/art blog, tied to sky--will leave you breathless. Sarah is truly an artist like no other, in a league all her own. You can learn more about Sarah at her Amazon author page, and at the ALL CAPS author page.

Absolutely, positively required supplemental reading: Sarah's poetry blog, ebbtide



Nothing insubstantial about our newest release! ALL CAPS is pleased to announce FM Ghost, the debut full-length poetry collection from poet and journalist Steve Shultz.

"FM Ghost is a poetic journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. With a heavy theme of mortality, this debut collection by Denver poet Steve Shultz is both introspective and observational. The book's three sections – Within, Without, and Within (revisited) – explore themes of darkness and light, love and fear, hope and despair, grief and joy, life and death. FM Ghost is about striking a balance in a world of opposites."

Click here to purchase your copy of FM Ghost!

Congratulations to Steve! Be sure to check out Steve's author page at Amazon. Read more of Steve's great poetry at his blog, FM Ghost. And please visit the ALL CAPS author page for more information about Steve (and our other authors).


There's so much going on behind the scenes here at ALL CAPS, you might want to start holding your breath in anticipation of all the great news we'll be announcing this spring.

First up, a wonderful interview in the Imaginary Garden with Shay Simmons, Kelli Simpson, & Joy Ann Jones about their new release, Gemini/Scorpio/Capricorn, and their collective journey to publishing. Read it here:
True Originals Apply to No One: An Interview


What an auspicious date to announce the publication of an incredible book of poetry by three incredible women! Get your hands on this one... It can only bring good luck.

ALL CAPS PUBLISHING announces a triple-treat: Gemini/Scorpio/Capricorn, a full-length collection of poems by Shay Caroline, Kelli Simpson, and Joy Ann Jones.

"A rippling triple vision through the heart's crystal, both light and dark; riddles of needles and glass, demons and gypsies, love for men, love for other women, love for our children, love that damns and love that redeems, all of these motifs and more twine like scarlet threads through a little black dress in this triad of women building alternate universes with words."

Click here to purchase in paperback or for your Kindle!

"Three American women poets combine in one volume with poems about everything from a succubus goddess and the girl who claims she struck out Babe Ruth and was with Poe when he died, to motherhood and Norse myths."

You know you cannot resist. Click here to learn more about Shay, Kelli, and Joy.


Today the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads features an in-depth interview with Marian about ALL CAPS. Lots of spoilers! Rush off to read!
Full Name, ALL CAPS: an interview


ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased to announce the publication of Criteria For Normalcy, a new collection of short stories by Las Vegas-based author Yve Chairez. Available now!

"A mathematical genius is intent on creating her own utopian community populated by people who are nothing but normal. In Tel Aviv, a lonely young housewife must settle for passion with imaginary friends. Somewhere else, a somber woman laments the affects of a childhood trauma. Yve Chairez's Criteria for Normalcy introduces a gang of dynamic characters struggling to live their lives as normally as circumstance will allow. Chairez cleverly fuses issues of neuroses, sex, addiction, love, motherhood, injustice, and inequality into a bold, unconventional collection of short stories and poems that flirt with the boundaries of the absurd, whimsical, and sociopolitical."

Click here to purchase your copy today!

Hearty congratulations to Yve, who will be donating a portion of her sales to charities supporting the well-being of women and children, and organizations promoting the arts in Hispanic communities. Read more about Yve on our author page.


Hey! It's been quiet around these parts... but now that we've survived the would-be end times and are facing a new day, we want you to know we've been working hard on new projects that we'll be sharing very soon.

In the meantime, hug your children and warmest wishes for the holiday season to each and every one of you. More anon, please stay tuned!


November is big-time writing month! Who's participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, 50K words in November)? Who wants to write 30 Poems in 30 Days (to benefit the Center for New Americans in November)? Is there anyone crazy enough to do BOTH?

Either or both (or even none), please join us in the conversation in the ALL CAPS forums or on the ALL CAPS Facebook page. We'll encourage one another, post prompts, and create a little writerly mayhem. Fun!


Welcome to the re-launch of ALL CAPS PUBLISHING's online home! We're proud to show off our new design--please spend some time browsing around. Enjoy our new forums, and check out our authors, titles, and links!

We hope you'll be inspired to participate and become active members of the ALL CAPS community. Ask questions, dispense knowledge and advice, share prompts, or just fool around. Community members also may participate in our annual poetry & short fiction anthology (call for submissions for the first issue to be announced later this year) and may submit full manuscripts to be considered for publication under the ALL CAPS imprint. From time to time, we'll open up the live chat function for organized topics (let us know if you have ideas), or just for open chat time. We'll announce when the chat room is live so you can join in on the conversation.

We hope you will find participating in the ALL CAPS PUBLISHING community well worth your time and attention. Carry on writing!


Marian Kent's book of poetry, Responsive Pleading, is now available as an e-book! Click the link below for details. You'll be directed to Marian's blog and a "buy now" button for the e-book.
Responsive Pleading at runaway sentence.


Welcome Yvette Chairez!

Yve's stunning collection of short stories, Criteria for Normalcy, is coming soon from ALL CAPS. Read more about Yve here and watch this space for news of publication.


Indie poet Kerry O'Connor, Chief Toad at the writing community Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, reviewed Responsive Pleading at her poetry blog, Skylover. Here is an excerpt:
I cannot recommend this book in strong enough terms. You must read it for yourself, and appreciate the soul behind the poetry. This is a voice of the post post-modern era, a voice brave enough to "blow its own trumpet" and speak to the inner ear of everyman, and everywoman.
Kerry also says about Marian's writing: "[Her] work is characterized by a sparseness of expression, and the compact nature of her imagery." 


Journalist and humorist Jessica Schnall penned the quote that is emblazoned on the back of Responsive Pleading: "Marian's poetry is like the American songbook: simple, full of heart, timeless." Jessica reviewed Marian's book, at her blog, Alone, With Cats. Read it here:
And then I got a book deal and was mentioned in the New York Times. Sort of.


We are pleased to announce the publication of Marian Kent's first collection of poems, Responsive Pleading:

"Threads of love mixed with pain weave through a vivid tapestry of natural beauty in Marian Kent's first collection of short-form poetry. Responsive Pleading travels the seasons, making a bold statement about connection and loss, beauty and family in the modern world."

Click here for more information or to purchase your copy.