We are squealing with delight over here, and have been practically jumping out of our chairs in anticipation of the release of No Direction But Home, a first chapbook by beloved Seattle poet Sarah Whiteley. And now... we are pleased to announce its publication today!

"A gentle foray into beauty and stillness, No Direction But Home is an exploration of the threads that tie travel, nature, and themes of home to the heart. In this first chapbook, Sarah Whiteley skillfully weaves words into snapshots of time and place, creating a reading experience that is both immediately relatable and intimate."

Click here to purchase your own copy of No Direction But Home.

Many congratulations to Sarah, a poet whose word-images--in addition to her visual art, featured on the book cover and at her photography/art blog, tied to sky--will leave you breathless. Sarah is truly an artist like no other, in a league all her own. You can learn more about Sarah at her Amazon author page, and at the ALL CAPS author page.

Absolutely, positively required supplemental reading: Sarah's poetry blog, ebbtide