Is this mic on? Testing? Testing? 1-2-3! AHEM. We have an announcement! Are you ready?

ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased to announce the publication of Darwin's Moon--A Memoir of Pain and Glory in Poetry and Prose by self-proclaimed Tuscon desert rat Tim Schaefer. I know we are biased and stuff, but we LOVE this collection and are certain that you will, too. Here's the description:

"Brought up in a dysfunctional family, a boy shunned by his peers makes do with dreams and the late night Wolfman Jack radio show--developing an appreciation for rhythm and blues, and the kind of showmanship it would take to achieve his aspirations. Then, one by one, those dreams begin to come true. Darwin's Moon--A Memoir of Pain and Glory in Poetry and Prose--is a wistful and witty reflection for mature readers on the life and times of a rock n roll radio deejay. In turns heartbreaking and comically bizarre, "Moon" is a true story for everyone who has faced adversity at some time in their lives. A journey of self-discovery for anyone who has ever dared to dream."

Click here to purchase your own copy of Darwin's Moon.

Here's what Tim has to say about the publication of his first book:
Cheaper than
a twelve-pack
a bottle of wine
both of which
you'll have nothing
to show for
'cept maybe a hangover
but poetry
once you have it
in your hands
is forever!
(To which we respond with a round of applause. Ain't that the truth!) Congratulations to Tim--many of you know him as Timoteo--on the publication of this most wonderful volume. You can learn more about Tim on our author page, and please follow his blog: CATNIP

And just because we love it so very much, here is the cover image from Darwin's Moon, an original painting of the same name by Tim Schaefer himself. Enjoy! And buy the book!