Craving some stellar storytelling? Wait no longer! ALL CAPS PUBLISHING proudly announces the publication of Impenetrable Falsehoods, a "small book of small fiction" by all-star liar and storyteller E.W. Storch.

"In Impenetrable Falsehoods, E.W. Storch explores the human condition in an enjoyable, conversational style. The short fiction in this collection spans a wide range of topics viewed through an emotional microscope. From old love gone good and new love gone bad, the myriad experiences of war, growing old and facing one's mortality, dementia and depression, and what it means to be a writer, E.W.'s view of both the magical and mundane will transport you to worlds at once familiar and strange."

My stone is small and fixed--
It runs the scope of language.
A channel of faded letters,
Through which my imagination comes alive.

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We agree with early reviews, which focus on E.W.'s ability to describe a place and create a feeling: "[Reading Impenetrable Falsehoods,] I found myself noticing prose for the first time in a long time. The descriptions here are wonderfully effective, creating an atmosphere I could see, hear, smell... The writing is superb, each character so real and alive that the 'windows' we're given to each life stayed with me, lingering long after I turned the page."