ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased and proud to announce the publication of What Good's a View of the Charles...? from the autobiographical trilogy of New England poet Mignon Ariel King.

"Travel along the Charles River by "T" or by foot with a Beantown-born woman writer, a bookworm and hard Rock fan who has common sense but loves a good time. What happens when a traditionally-raised New England scholar lets her nonconformist self-loving Black woman night owl spirit be inspired by the gruff-voiced poetry of Charles Bukowski? Pick up volume two of her autobiographical poetry trilogy to find out. But don't let your teenage daughter read it--unless you're trying to raise a troublemaker!"

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oh, man, if hemingway were here
there wouldn’t be
enough booze for everybody, but we
wouldn’t mind sharing.
(from “the lot of us”)
Mignon Ariel King was born in Boston's City Hospital in 1964. An alumna of Simmons College (for women), Mignon edits two online journals, MoJo! and U.M.Ph.! Prose, and is the publisher of Hidden Charm Press. She has been reading at open mics since 1998 (where she also sang a lot of rock tunes), and has published poetry, memoir, and fiction chapters in various journals. 

I happen to know that Mignon still sings a line or two, so keep your fingers crossed for an ALL CAPS reading coming soon… we want to hear her read AND sing.              
...girls like me were not
permitted to listen
to long-haired,
freaky whiteboy rockers:
half my life’s in books’ written pages.
live and learn from fools and from sages.
(from “gone girl”)
But we know it’s true. Wicked true. Congratulations to Mignon--and you want to read this book!