(Everyone, take a moment to brew your favorite cuppa and settle in for this exciting news. We'll wait.)

(Ready? Great!) ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased to announce publication of a very special collection of poetry--Coffee With Leonard Cohen by our favorite entomologist-poet, Joy S Grape.

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Joy S Grape is interested in lots of things. She looks under rocks for a living. Her favorite literary romance is Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. 

Trust us, Coffee With Leonard Cohen is a very interesting collection of poems and conceits, and it's illustrated, even! Joy's work is fresh, smart, unique--you must read it for yourself.
I know what you are.
I know that you know that
Your knowledge is made of less stuff than my stockings.
Yet you escort it as proudly
As if it had invited you to some Sadie Hawkins dance of facts.
I want to watch you taken by ideas,
Ravaged in bed by a book you thought would kiss your cheek.