Stuff is brewing here in the offices of ALL CAPS PUBLISHING. Just you wait! You know what they say to do when life give you lemons, right? Well, we’ve been drinking some tall glasses of lemonade and are stirring up some more to share with you. Meanwhile, some news:

E.W. Storch has been offering up his short fiction  over on WattPad, and starting today, stories from his collection, Impenetrable Falsehoods, will be featured on WattPad’s front page! We are so excited for Eric and anticipate the dozens, no HUNDREDS of thousands of readers who are about to be introduced to his storytelling.

Mignon Ariel King has been cranking out new work left and right (watch this space for new news soon, ahem!) and meanwhile, made this super-cool appearance on Willie’s Web,  hosted by WIllie WIdeman-Pleasants on Boston Neighborhood Network. Mignon reads poems and discusses the Midnight Special and other inspirations starting at about 2:00.

Your fearless leader had a great reading last night at Amherst Books with Gerry Yelle, friend and co-conspirator in Florence Poets Society:

And look who showed up! That’s an ALL CAPS editorial board meeting right there, over coffee and waffle fries after the reading.

E.W. Storch and Marian Kent

Stick around, folks... more good stuff coming. *sips lemonade, even though baby, it’s cold outside*