Please join us in celebrating the publication of a new collection of stories and poems by Tim Schaefer, author of Darwin's Moon. Get ready and strap in for Last Tango in Timbuktu!

In Last Tango In Timbuktu, Tim Schaefer has assembled a collection of short fiction and poems inhabited by people living on the edge. A college student, entranced by a mysterious woman, must decide whether to leave the outcome of their chance encounter to fate, or trust his own instincts and pursue her. A young drifter brings darkened memories to the fore for a jaded writer en route to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Two small-time hoods on the run have a briefcase full of stolen loot, and an angry drug lord's henchmen in pursuit. But nothing is ever quite the way it seems on the surface, and sometimes we meet our undoing by climbing right into bed with it. In Tim Schaefer's world, something always hangs in the balance, with the scales right on the verge of tipping. And that's a good spot to climb aboard and hang on for the ride.

Get your copy here: Last Tango in Timbuktu

Funny, deep, and real.
Like being sweaty
in a clean madras shirt.

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