ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is pleased to announce the publication of A City of Trees: poems of tribute 1 by New England writer Mignon Ariel King.

If you've never visited the Emerald Necklace of Boston via the T (the oldest subway system in the US of A), come along for a ride with a formally educated yet free-spirited Boston-born poet as she sizes up the highs and lows of her first 45 years in Massachusetts' cities, parks, riversides, and schools. Oh, and there might be some sex, wine, and Rock 'n' Roll along the way.

Get your copy now: A City of Trees 

For those of you following along at home, A City of Trees is the prequel to the Bukowski-inspired What Good's a View of the Charles...? published right here back in 2013, part of Mignon's autobiographical pentology. 

ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is thrilled to present Mignon's work. Read, enjoy, love!