Looky, looky! ALL CAPS authors Yve Chairez and Mignon Ariel King have both started fresh new literary magazines. Check these out!

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Hellbent--brainchild of Founder/Creative Director Yve Chairez and Chief Operating Officer/Managing Editor Alyssa Ammirato--showcases bold, innovative work from diverse voices: literature and art that makes you question what you think you already know, and emphasizes stories about people, places, and things you may know nothing about. 

You can read it here: Hellbent issue number one (fall 2015) 

Plus! Yve just had a baby. Congratulations, Yve! So productive!

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Boston literary maven Mignon Ariel King has launched a new magazine from Tell-Tale Chapbooks: Tell-Tale Inklings, a literary journal obsessed with poetry and flash fiction. Tell-Tale Inklings is a print journal with an emphasis on character-study narratives--flash fiction, poetry, and visual artwork that tells a story.

Get your copy on Amazon: Tell-Tale Inklings #1