ALL CAPS PUBLISHING announces the publication of What I Remember Most is Everything, a first and most wonderful book of poems from western Massachusetts poet Sharon Tracey.

"Color melds with words as synesthesia and paintings come alive in What I Remember Most is Everything. We ride across a decade with a young woman, traveling west to the streets of San Francisco and to places more far-flung. Along the way, we meet saints and painters, migrants and monarchs. We witness a car crash and read stories about artists collaged from the titles of their works. With a painter’s brush and a curator’s eye, Sharon Tracey offers up a fine debut collection of poems that explores the prismatic place where color and memory meet."

This is such an intriguing and beautiful volume of poems. We are honored and thrilled to introduce Sharon Tracey's work and imagination to ALL CAPS readers. Congratulations, Sharon! 

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Color as memory,
a sinuous spurt
squeezed from the tube
and brushed between steps
the lull between breath 

--from "Speak, Color" by Sharon Tracey
Learn more about Sharon on the ALL CAPS author page and visit her website.