Congratulations to Yve Chairez! Her fantastic new novel is born!
A rapist and a virgin walk into a bar...and fall wildly in love. As their mutual fixation intensifies and conflicts with traumas from their pasts, Claire Mireles and Michael Felipe are pushed and pulled from one another and forced to grapple with their macabre sexualities, leaving lasting effects on others along the way, and leaving Claire and Michael wondering if they will always be this way. Cabeza boldly scrutinizes how families and societies confront sexual abuse and handle its invasive, consuming effects; or, more precisely, how they don't. In her debut novel, Yve Chairez reimagines the "cycle of abuse" as a tangled trajectory hitting not only the intended victims, but everyone who crosses their paths for generations to come.

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Yve Chairez is the author of Criteria for Normalcy (ALL CAPS PUBLISHING 2012), a collection of short stories and poems that flirt with the boundaries of the absurd, whimsical, and sociopolitical. Find it here: Criteria for Normalcy