By day, Marian Kent is a lawyer, a schmoozer, and a do-gooder. At heart, she is a purveyor of pretty words, an interpreter of dreams who flies by night. Prone to hyperbole and shrieking in ALL CAPS, Marian eats far too much cake. Marian writes poetry and stories from western Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband and two children. You can find a great quantity of Marian's writing at her website: runaway sentence.

Yvette Chairez emerged glamorously from a gangsta-ridden neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas. Writing since she was six, with a junket in London in her early twenties, Yve now lives in Las Vegas with her charming husband, spirited daughter, and paranoid Boston terrier. In addition to Criteria for Normalcy, Yve is working on her first novel. You can find more of Yve's word-fusing at her blog: Experimental Optimist

Joy S Grape is an ecologist who likes soapboxing about farming techniques. She has a dad, two brothers, and a cat. Her first poetry collection, Coffee With Leonard Cohen, is due out on December 4. Joy is hoping you'll buy her book so her 1974 VW Superbeetle can get a new paint job. You can see more of her works at her little blog: Coffee With Leonard Cohen

Joy Ann Jones was born under a bad sign, survived the Summer of Love, tried to get back to the garden, did some dancin with Mr. D, fell off the stairway to heaven. Became a working class hero but never a beast of burden. She is a graduate of Satan's Reform School for Wayward Girls, and currently busy landscaping the muse factory. She blogs poetry at Verse Escape.

Mignon Ariel King was born in Boston's City Hospital in 1964. She writes autobiography, love poetry and narrative poetry, memoir, and short fictions.  
Ms. King is the publisher of Hidden Charm Press and Tell-Tale Chapbooks.  A classically-trained scholar now gone rogue, she holds a Master of Arts in English degree from Simmons College and identifies as a womanist.
Making Books: The Blog of Mignon Ariel King

Corey Rowley lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. Stop by and let him buy you a beer or a glass of wine. If you end up doing shots together, remind Corey to call his wife and let her know he will be late.
You can find Corey's poetry, short fiction, and experimental prose at his blog: Mexican Radio

Self-proclaimed desert rat Tim Schaefer resides in Tucson, Arizona. He spent way too many years as a rock-n-roll deejay--both inside and outside the continental United States--yet somehow survived. His poetry and short stories have appeared in various literary and poetry publications, including South Dakota Review and Mind In Motion. He blogs as "Timoteo" at Catnip.

Steve Shultz is a poet and journalist from Aurora, Colorado. Steve first found the spark for creative writing as a way to channel his teen angst in high school in the mid-90's. FM Ghost is his debut book of poetry. You can read some of his poetry at his blog, FM Ghost.

Between the ages of 18 and 23, while living in San Antonio, Texas, Shay Caroline Simmons wrote poetry and stories and was published any number of times in various small press magazines. Then she stopped writing for twenty years before taking it up again in 2006. Shay is a postal carrier and belongs to her dog Bosco, an Australian Shepherd.  Read Shay's writing at Shay's Word Garden.

Kelli Simpson is a full-time mother and whenever-she-can-sneak-the-time poet.  She writes about what it's like to be a girl and what it's like to raise one.  She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, nine-year-old daughter, and more pets than she knows what to do with.  For a sample of Kelli's writing, visit her blog:  Another Damn Poetry Blog
E.W. Storch graduated high school and never looked at another school again. Instead, he worked low-paying job after low-paying job, but when he could sneak the time, he would read books and write stories of his own. E.W. professes to be a good liar and claims that said skill makes him a good storyteller. Currently, he spends his days un-teaching what his kids learn in school and writing lies. Read more at Eric W. Storch, Author.

Sharon Tracey is a poet, writer, and editor based in western Massachusetts. She has enjoyed a varied career as an environmentalist, program manager, policy analyst, and communications director. Sharon received her Master's degree from the University of California Berkeley. Art and nature are recurring themes in her work. Learn more about Sharon by visiting her website.

Sarah Whiteley is an indie poet with Midwestern roots.  Much of her work embodies her search for the innate beauty in small things and in the everyday workings of life. She currently lives high on a hill in Seattle with her two dogs, who she calls "the most perfect of companions."  Her first chapbook, No Direction But Home, will be released later this year.  Sarah's poetry can also be found her blog: ebbtide